How You Can Engage the World Without Ever Leaving Your House This Holiday Season

One of the most surprising aspects of travel is discovering how much we’re actually alike. Miles, language and culture might divide us; but little else does (unless we let it). The more I travel, the more I realize how similar we are as humans. No matter our geographic location, at our core, we all share the same needs, dreams and desires. And travel opens our eyes to this truth. Whether vacationing with your family, road tripping with closest friends or kicking it solo, traveling to places near and far helps us remember we’re not alone. But sometimes, you don’t have to go anywhere to be reminded you’re not in it by yourself or to encourage someone else who’s also feeling lonely. Often, the best remedy for loneliness is to encourage another.

So what if I told you, this Christmas, you don’t even have to get out of your pjs to engage the world? What if I told you you don’t need a stamp in your passport to start a conversation with a stranger in another state or foreign country? What if I told you all you need is a pen and some paper? Even if you’re not packing for Christmas in Tahiti, your words can travel even when you can’t. More Love Letters is making that possible this holiday season.

envelopes-25More Love Letters is an organization founded by author/speaker Hannah Brencher. If you don’t know Hannah, it’s high time you meet her. During a season of personal isolation and depression, Hannah recalled her mother’s habit of writing her love notes often as a child. In an effort to not feel so alone, she wrote some love notes of her own and randomly scattered them throughout New York City in the hopes that other lonely people in need of encouragement would find them at just the right time. That’s how More Love Letters was born. Now, Hannah and her team field inquiries from people around the globe who submit stories of loved ones in need of some handwritten encouragement.

Starting today (Dec. 4), More Love Letters is launching its annual “12 Days of Love Letter Writing” and inviting you to participate. You can write one letter or all 12. All you need is a pen, some stationery and a stamp. Each day from now until Dec. 15, a new letter request will be posted at Each request includes the address where you can send your note of encouragement. All letters must be postmarked by Dec. 20 and will be delivered by the New Year. I can’t think of a better way to spread goodwill around the world this holiday season, can you?

*images and specially-curated holiday playlist courtesy of More Love Letters.



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